Mini-Loan today – Borrow now much-needed money

We all have dreams and wishes. We are longing for more and would like to do something bigger. A nice journey to escape the often too stressful everyday life or even to compensate for the excessively high interest payment or other existing loans to breathe a bit more freely and do not shy every month before the red numbers in the bank account. Let’s be honest: everyone has these ideas. But also very simple, completely self-evident wishes concern us. “The sofa does not look nice anymore – we definitely need a new one!” Or “The computer is no longer the newest” are statements that often ring in our heads.

Today still have money in the account?

If the account is empty, this is similar to an emergency, then supplies urgently need to be purchased. Therefore, if the money is still urgently on the account today, it makes sense to use an express option. Within business days, most banks and providers can make a withdrawal within 30 minutes. The prerequisite is, of course, that the day has not yet progressed too far. Here providers can be viewed with express option.

If it really has to be today, you can complete the loan online, go to the house bank with the withdrawal receipt and show it. In most cases, it will suffice the bank and approve a dispo or tolerated overdraft. This would then make it possible to withdraw cash from the machine or make transfers.

Who can give me the money?

First and foremost, of course, the bank. Granted the reasons, however, no loan private individuals can also lend money. This has the advantage that it happens entirely without private credit.

How much money can I borrow?

If loans in the past were limited to a minimum of 1000 euros, then today it is possible to lend only 100 euros. Suppliers and banks have become more flexible in this respect, responding to the need to be able to borrow smaller amounts of money in the short term.

Amounts from € 50 to € 1,500 are covered by so-called mini – credits.

private credit-free inquiries are currently possible up to a maximum of 7,500 euros and can be requested here.

Bad private credit, what can I do?

To lend this money, your own private credit should be fine. Nobody has a private credit score of 100%.

How is this continuing?

After the application has been completed, the required documents can be conveniently sent by e-mail or even WhatsApp. This speeds up the whole process enormously, because nothing has to be sent by post.

Get instant cash. Get fast and direct money

With an instant loan, you can still borrow money today. This brings you, in contrast to a normal branch bank, several advantages. You pay lower interest rates and therefore have less costs at the same time, you do not have to ask yourself unpleasant questions when filling out the form, you have the money immediately in your account and you do not even have to leave the house. They do everything conveniently from home. This also means that you can once again enjoy the feeling of freedom. It does not matter if you are a private household. More and more companies use and profit from loans.

In our article: Cash today you can learn more about the different providers and options.

It all sounds great – how does it work?

Borrow money today. The principle is simple. Since the instant loan is offered over the Internet and all other formalities are also done over the internet, this type of loan is able to be processed much faster than the standard loan you receive from the bank.

Simply enter how much money you need today and we will show you up-to-date which banks are willing to provide you with the desired amount. We show you the banks, the effective rates and the borrowing costs and the monthly installments.

providers processing miscellaneous
Maxda fast processing even on weekends also possible with bad credit rating
Bonkredit fast processing Specialist for private credit-free loans
auxmoney Create your own loan project Loans from private to private

You can thus compare directly among the offers and pick out the best deal for you. After you have checked the offers, you can go directly to the website of the provider and make your application there. The money is requested through a direct bank on the Internet. You will then receive the order form and send it including your identity card, as well as your positive private creditauskunft and proof of employment to the bank. And you pay monthly, as with a normal installment loan, in equal installments the agreed loan amount back and the annual percentage rate remains bound to the entire term.

1. Complete online application about 2 minutes
Second Wait for processing about 1 working day (usually much faster)
Third Sign and send documents about 1 working day
4th Receive confirmation + record cash on the account about 1 working day

I’m in the private credit, but I still have to borrow money today.

Borrowing money from a private individual

It is a pity that you are in the private credit. But even people with a private credit entry are normal people and need money. And getting a private credit entry is no longer difficult. Be it a late-paid bill or another loan. We understand that well. And the entry is just annoying when you urgently need money. Many banks refuse this understandable desire, even if the sum is so small.

Therefore, we also offer you ways and means. As an unbounded loan broker, we also help you to lend money today, even if you are in private credit. We have known the banks for 35 years and know the banks well, who agree with your credit even without information on private credit or with a private credit entry.

Also, this method, so you can still borrow money today, is simple, fast and straightforward. You ask for a loan offer.

We then ask for you at various banks and inform you about the best offer. This request is free of charge and without obligation.

Select the loan amount and the repayment term and write down your personal data. After a short preliminary check, the application can be printed out and, in conjunction with proof of income, sent by mail or fax to the credit company. If you want to be completely modern, use the possibility of the video or Web-Ident method.