Tips to pay off your mortgage loan more easily

Most of us dream of owning, but we can not always afford it on our own. Fortunately, loans exist and there are all kinds. But how to pay off your home loan easily without it being a huge constraint each month? Several tips are available to help you.

1. Use your home as a source of additional income

1. Use your home as a source of additional income

  When you apply for a loan and it is accepted, you can finally buy the apartment of your dreams. Still need to succeed in repaying your mortgage, and this as easily as possible. Not always obvious   Have you thought about renting a part of your home to achieve this?  

  • Rent a room in your home

The first tip is simple: if you live in this home that you own and that it has a room or free, it is quite possible for you to rent it. Thus, you pay yourself with a rent that will allow you to repay your mortgage, at least in part.

The platform for connecting private individuals specialized in homestay accommodation since 2009, you can submit an ad to rent a room in your home and thus accommodate a student for 8 months or a professional on the move 2 weeks per month, for example. Not only is it interesting from a financial point of view, but it is also humanly so. You meet people, you share convivial moments with your tenants: a company more on a daily basis.

  • Rent the entire apartment

If the house you just bought is not your main home, then you can rent it for a short or long term. As a result, your home will be inhabited and you will receive additional income that will help you repay your mortgage more easily.

  • Rent your cellar or attic

Maybe you have an unused cellar or attic? If this is the case and you do not have a free room, you can rent these spaces for storage. In large cities, spaces are small and many people are lacking to store all their belongings. The cellars and granaries are then real gold mines and are in great demand. Do not hesitate, if you have a commendable space, to start to benefit from this additional income, a trick that requires little effort but will give you a boost to pay your mortgage .

2. Find out about housing aids available to homeowners

2. Find out about housing aids available to homeowners

You can always turn to the help set up by the state such as APL for example. LPAs are financial aid intended to reduce the amount of your rent or your monthly loan payments when you make a mortgage.

If you are a tenant, you can apply for APL for your rental, whether furnished or not. There is no minimum age, your help is calculated according to the situation of your home, your family situation and your salary.

As the owner, you also have the right to APL. Your home must however be old and located in zone 3 

Another possibility: if you own a home and you pay your mortgage, you can rent it all and rent a home to collect the APL, in addition to the rent of your tenants.

3. Reorganize the way you spend

3. Reorganize the way you spend

• Renegotiate your contracts and subscriptions and / or change suppliers

When you repay a home loan, any economy is good to take. Know that what costs us the most expensive in general are all your contracts and phone subscriptions, internet, sports or Netflix.

You must know how to ignore certain things and sort through all these contracts to determine your priorities. For electricity or water type contracts, you can not pay them so a simple trick that can sometimes pay off is to negotiate prices directly with suppliers. If you are a long time customer, you can try to negotiate a discount to reward your loyalty. And if you can not, find out about other competing suppliers that may be cheaper than your current suppliers.  

• Sell ‚Äč‚Äčitems you no longer use

The second trick is to separate any objects you no longer use. If you move into your new home, it’s even better to sort it out. Put all your items you no longer want on sale on the internet or participate in flea markets to sell. You will be able to recover money that will be used to repay your mortgage.

• Eliminate unnecessary expenses and reduce redundancy

You have sorted, now be careful in your future purchases. Repaying a mortgage represents significant amounts and requires some sacrifices. Watch your bank account for not spending unnecessarily. The best thing to do to manage your money well is to set a budget before each month begins and respect it to the letter. In your budget, plan primarily a line for food and other mandatory expenses, and set an amount not to exceed for your extras. The key to not disperse is to anticipate.